United to bless the lives of many women!

Restoring dignity to women and inspiring hope for a better future.

For almost 3 years I have the honor of being able to serve and be part of the beautiful ORG of Gold Hearts Project together with Beatriz Torres, founder of this dream and a great leader and friend.

We work towards a day where women will no longer have to treat their necessities as a luxury. A day when they will know they are valued and loved by their creator. More than just providing the basic necessities we look to empower women into the best version of themselves through the restoration of dignity and hope.
When you purchase any item from Gold Hearts Project you are providing help for a woman in need.


The main products we make are necklaces made entirely by hand with resin and 14k gold plating.
The necklaces are made by women in McAllen, Tx and packaged and shipped by another group of women in El Paso Tx.

When buying a necklace, 100% of the proceeds go directly to blessing the life of a woman in need, in USA, México and Philippines with a Gold Bag full of hygiene products, such as:

-Feminine hygiene products
-Body wash
-Diapers for baby’s


Daily, women have to choose between a meal or buying the basic necessary items for them to take care of their personal hygiene. We are committed to providing GOLDbag to women in need of basic toiletries. We organize very special events at local shelters or places where women of very low income reside with their children to encourage them to keep going no matter what difficult circumstance they may be facing. Through an inspiring message, healthy relationships, and a loving community, women from all backgrounds, walks of life, ages, and cultures are able to realize the importance of self-care, self-love, and self-confidence.


Hygiene products are ESSENTIAL to every person. That’s why we are committed to providing the essential basic items for women. We believe that we are giving them their dignity back by supplying these basic needs. We are aware that feminine products are the most expensive. We want to be able to provide this to women so that’s the last thing they have to be worrying about especially if they are going through financial hardship or are having to chose between a meal or pads / tampons.


We have chosen to partner with local shelters because we believe that is where most of the need is. We’ve seen that women who are going through an abusive relationship almost always end up at a shelter for help. Many of them leave everything they have behind in hopes of finding a better future for them and their children. It’s at this point in their life that they are most open to help from others and ready to open their heart to hear that they matter, that they are loved, and that they have a purpose. We also get the opportunity to impart love and hope to their children because they also need to feel loved and valued. We love that we get to take them food, spend quality time hearing about their stories, laugh with them, and also impart a message of love and hope.


My greatest wish is to be able to bless the lives of these women through employment. That is why my dream is to be able to see this project grow so that, after helping these women with personal hygiene products through  Gold Hearts Project, I want to be able to offer them a job opportunity making press-on nails sets, so that they can support their family  or get ahead of the situation they are in.

At the moment, while this project is growing you can be part of it in many ways!

- In the purchase of any necklace from Gold Hearts Project you will get a 20% discount on your next purchase of Oh Chamomile Nails!
You can buy any necklace here.

- If you live in McAllen, Tx or El Paso, Tx and would like to be part of serving with your talents, you can join the cause here !! And we would love to get in touch with you. There are many areas in which you can help: design, photography, social networks, packaging, shipping, events, home search, making the Gold Bag, etc.

-Praying for the project: we trust and believe that God is the one who supports and provides for this project, we have seen her hand and fidelity in incredible ways! So you can help us pray for each of the women who will be supported with a Gold Bag, for our team, for finances, for more women to support the project, and for the gospel to continue to advance in incredible ways!

-Share about this project in social media!! Together we can make this cause known to many people around the world!

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Together we can encourage, equip and inspire women to fulfill their dreams.