This is me, I’m Miish, your manicurist  who loves you so much and the hands behind this project. I think this photo shows part of the things I like the most, my space, my home, XL clothes (yes ... XL), white, art, flowers and tangerines ... many tangerines ... 🍊
A Mexican girl living in the US with my dear hubby and using Google Translate to survive ... so if my English is not very good ... it is the fault of Google translator 🤓

I thought it was time to put a face to this project, since I would love to be even more connected with you, whether you are away or live in the same city as me, I would love to know your heart, know your dreams and of course your wildest ideas for your nails!
Some have asked me, Why Chamomile Nails?

Since I was a child my grandmother taught me a lot about flowers, thanks to her my love for nature grew, dried flowers, their aromas and their benefits.
But she once told me that the chamomile flower, despite being so small, is one of the strongest flowers. And if I ever saw that a plant or another flower was wilting or drying up, that I can sowed chamomile flower right after it, and that the benefits and strength of chamomile would make that flower begin to bloom.

You know? I took that story in a very personal way, that's where the name comes from. I firmly believe that each of us can be a chamomile in other people's lives. Perhaps at some time in your life you have come to feel small, invisible, useless, insignificant, weak ... but within you there is a force, a special light and many talents God deposited in you that can make bloom the life and hearts of people who  begin to lose hope, or who think they have lost their courage.

Over the past few years, self-care has become a very important part of my life. By being able to discover my identity and value in Jesus, I was also able to see how loved, beautiful and special I am for Him and for those around me ... and do you know something? being able to discover that is something that nobody will ever be able to take away from you✨

A few months ago I had to temporarily close my studio and start my online business. It has been a completely new season, but one in which my heart continues to have the same focus: to offer you a unique and special experience which reminds you of how loved and valuable you are, to be able to create a community with you of women who empower other women to grow and walk in your purpose reaffirming your identity.

So I sincerely hope that with each purchase you make you can feel pampered and loved from a distance!

I would love to know more about you !! If you can subscribe to the newsletter I will be happy to send you reminders, surprises and thus to get to know you more!

If nobody told you today…. You are beautiful! 🥰 ... and eat tangerines, they are good for health 😂🍊