Press-On Nails: The Best Brands of 2021

Press-on nails have come a long way from the occasional drugstore pick-me-up. Now you can find them in endless designs, colors and lengths. It might make you wonder which nails are worth your money.

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This guide explains the best brands of 2021 so you can feel confident no matter what style you prefer.

1. Color Street

Anyone who finds themselves inspired by New York City’s constant energy will love the bright colors from Color Street nail sets. Independent artists craft each design so you’ll feel empowered while showing off your personality.

2. Marmalade Nails

One nail session went wrong and inspired Sunja Mitchel to create Marmalade Nails. Now her team gives clients the perfect resource for high-end press-on nails at a fraction of the salon’s cost.

3. Oh! Chamomile Nails

Every time someone looks down at Oh! Chamomile Nails on their nail beds, founder Miish wants them to feel reaffirmed in their identity. Each set uses natural tones and the inspirational chamomile plant to draw people together and encourage community growth.

4. Nail Thoughts

The gel nail sets from Nail Thoughts are easier to apply than traditional press-on nails, so they’re perfect for beginners and experts alike. As long as you know your nail size, you can enjoy designs that replicate matte colors, gemstones and natural elements.

5. Chill House

Chill Tips come with every tool you need to get the ultimate customized press-on nails. They also use all-natural glue that won’t warp or damage your nail beds like other chemical-based glues.

6. Clutch Nails

You can find Clutch Nails online or in stores as the company strives to replace all the clunky, ugly nail sets you’ve seen in years past. It’s a woman-run company that got its start by employing local nail designers so you can make it look like you went to the salon without wasting as much of your time.

7. Dashing Diva

The well-known image of manicured nails gets turned on its head with Dashing Diva. Their nail sets merged durability and self-expression, impressing critics at New York Magazine and even Beyoncé and Rihanna while they were out on the town in New York City.

8. The Nailest

Replicate even the lengthiest celebrity nail art with The Nailest sets. They update their seasonal trends with the hottest designs from the red carpet and add more glamour to everyday life.

9. Complimenté Nails

If you want nails that have a hard gel coating, Complimenté Nails might have a design you’ll love. They’re even reusable so you get the most for your purchase without compromising on the product’s quality.

10. Ethereally Touched Nails

People go to Ethereally Touched Nails for long-lasting, reusable sets that are custom-made for every client. Whether you have to go to work or the gym, your new nail set will last without reapplications.

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Acrylic and gel nails are about to become your new favorite way to express yourself. These are the best brands of 2021 because you’ll get the most for your money without compromising on your preferred designs or beauty standards.

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