Press-On Nails: 6 Benefits

Everyone loves finding new ways to express their personality. When you’re not experimenting with fashion fads or switching up your hairstyle, trying faux nails will open new avenues for self-expression. Instead of heading to the salon for an expensive acrylic treatment, read about these six benefits of press-on nails. They’re a widely preferred way to touch up your look without paying an expert to do it for you.

1. They Don’t Damage Natural Nails

Acrylic nails require a powerful adhesive to keep the artificial tips in place. When applied for weeks or months on end, it weakens your nail beds. Your nails will feel flimsy and tear easily, but that’s not the case with press-on nails. They use gentler glue that still holds them to your fingertips without damaging the nail bed underneath. You won’t have to worry about opening soda cans or scratching an itch while you’re between sets.

2. They Don’t Chip

Nail polish chips almost immediately after it dries if you don’t use a clear coat on top of your new color or design. Even then, it will still chip because alcohol-based products weaken the dried paint along with soaps. Faux nails don’t lose their color or shine after application. Brushing chipped polish off your hands will become a thing of the past when solid faux nails are part of your beauty routine.

3. They’re Easy to Reapply

Sometimes your nails might pop off because there’s too much pressure on them or they hit something at the wrong angle. Faux nails are easy to reapply. As long as you have the glue that came with your current set, you can cleanse the nail with alcohol to kill bacteria and reapply in minutes. 

4. They’re Perfect for Self Expression

Trying new things is part of growing into yourself, but switching things up might not be easy for people on a budget. Press-on nails are perfect for saving money while exploring new avenues of self-expression. Depending on where you shop, they could cost as little as $8 for an entire set. Compare that with paying over $40 for an acrylic application and you’ll have an economical alternative for your nails.

5. They’re Available Everywhere

You also don’t have to stick with an expensive retailer if you love press-on nails. They’re available in drug stores, online and in shops managed by independent artists. You’ll have an array to choose from that match your interests, like eco-friendly products or small-business designs. Whether you want to shop for something that works with your lifestyle or compare prices, you can find faux nails wherever you go.

6. They Aren’t a Long-Term Commitment

Getting bangs or scheduling plastic surgery are both long-term commitments if you want to try a new look. Faux nails can pop off whenever you want to switch the design or go natural. Apply a new set in the morning before work and change them with a different look for a dinner date after clocking out. You’ll never feel stuck with a design because you can’t get a salon appointment or need to save for a new design.

Enjoy the Benefits of Press-On Nails

These are just six benefits of press-on nails, but there are endless reasons why people fall in love with them. Try a few designs or colors to see if they fit your vibe. You’ll appreciate how they’re budget-friendly, easy to apply and available in almost any design imaginable.

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  • Thanks for mentioning that faux nails are easy to reapply as long as you have the right glue. I’m thinking about getting my nails done for my sister’s wedding in a few weeks. It’d be nice to get press on nails since I can remove them easily.

    Eve Mitchell

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